Kids Central

November 1, 2017


Dear Community Partner,

Thank you so much for your interest in Kids Central. This letter serves to inform you that Kids Central has suspended all business practices and is no longer accepting referrals. Please contact your patient’s insurance company in order to locate other providers for therapy and/or psychological testing.

For all inquiries about medical records, please contact Julie Kramer at, 704- 369-2508 (phone) or 704-688-2960 (fax). You may also contact Rose Cooper at, 704-369-2509.

If your patient is a danger to self or others, please contact the Mobile Crisis Team at 704-566-3410 or the Behavioral Health Center, located at 501 Billingsley Road, at 704-444-2400.

Thank you again for your inquiry and take good care.




Rose Cooper
Chief Operating Officer
Elon Homes of North Carolina